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Existential Neurosis (Prologue)

Ok so I begun rewriting a story originally conceived something like two years ago. I didn't like my first attempt and so I'm writing it again! This is the prologue, I hope you enjoy :)


If one were to defy the elements of time and space, he might have been able to come across a mahogany door appearing to float in mid air. However since that place did not follow the laws of the three-dimensional spectrum, the door would merely exist for it was neither mater nor anti-mater.

In this hypothetical situation the person, who wouldn’t consist of any known human elements, would open the door that does not creek, only to come across a dimly light room. Its light source were five cream-coloured candles, secured on the surface of the walls with scones. One on each side of the door, one on the opposite wall, and one on each of the facing walls. Some would acclaim that the existence of light, as well as the room,  was absurd, for mater would cease to exist outside the mahogany door. Others would call it magic. Neither of those groups would be entirely mistaken nor correct. After all, both the absurd and magic exist, in their own special ways, in the majority of dimensions.

If the person that entered the room accepted, or merely dismissed, the irrationality of the situation, his sight would wander around the room. The walls were painted to resemble medieval art.  Someone experienced with that period’s art might have recognized it as Hans Memling’s “The Last Judgment”. However it didn’t take an expert to realize the message conveyed from it. People are judged by God, with Archangel Michael condemning the sinners to an eternity in Hell with demons and their agonizing screams as a company, and the pure, whose sins were not great, were sent to serve in Heaven.

At some point the person would have to avert his gaze from the Christian Eschatology painting to explore the rest of the room. His eyes would travel to the ceiling, where no chandelier seemed to hung, to the wooden floor where books were scattered in a chaotic fashion. The person would probably raise a book from the ground only to find out that in contained no words, no pictures, just paper that had become yellow over the course of time. The book would be placed down on the floor at its original place and the exploration would continue.

As the person’s sight adjusted he would clearly see a bundle lying on the floor. Whilst approaching it he would stop dead on his tracks as the bundle moved ever so slightly.

This hypothetical situation unfolded often. I’ve lost count of the number of times it has happened.

Today was no exception.

I opened the door that does not creek and entered the room without making a sound. Keeping my gaze on the wooden floor I trod carefully not to step on the books, without acknowledging the intruder’s presence. After all the man needed a sense of security provided by his supposed invisibility to my eyes. This logic is buried in the human childhood, when the children thought that by being covered by a blanket they would be invisible to the bogey-man under the bed, thus maintaining their safety.

I reached the moving bundle that was covered by a wool blanket, with the colour of coal. I knelt  before it and raised the blanket slightly with the tips of my bare fingers. Below it lied a girl, no older than twenty years. Her hair was a deep red colour with copper undertones. It was quite long and slightly wavy.

I observed her, from her ivory skin, down to her bare, slender neck. My eyes stopped at her clavice where an Ω had been carved, leaving behind a soft pink mark. Her chest was rising and falling rhythmically.

I turned my gaze back to her face. Her rosy pink lips were slightly parted leaving a small gap where the air from her lungs was exhaled in the room.

I was a bit reluctant to disturb her slumber but I knew I had to. I always did.

And so I lowered my upper body and planted  a soft kiss on her warm forehead.

She let out a few small noises and opened her eyes groggily.

I raised my head and met her gaze. Her green eyes seemed to be still hazy from the sleep she lusted to regain. After a second she focused her gaze on my eyes and smiled.

“I was hoping I could get a few more minutes of sleep, you know? My sleep cycle is way too corrupted for my tastes.” she playfully scolded me as she raised herself to a sitting position with her legs crossed tossing the blanket to her side. Her garment consisted of a petrol nightgown that covered her arms above her elbows and reached just below her kneecaps.

“You’ll get used to it. Mine is practically non-existent.” I said chuckling. She smirked at my comment. As she stretched her head her glimpse caught the third person in the room. Her grin became wider and turned her head with her eyes boring into mine.

“You have a job for me...” she stated. I nodded.

“Indeed I do.” I told her.

“V. status?” she asked as she rubbed her neck with her left hand, briefly touching the scar and then bringing it down, tangling her fingers together.

“N.D.E. while O.D with Ecstasy .25 years of age. No previous contact.” I said in a monotonous voice.

She sighed. “Was there any reason?”

“Nope, he was at a party. He just went too far.” I replied

She rubbed her temples with her fingers.

“The Client is waiting outside.” I continued.

She nodded and we both stood up. We turned our attention to the third person in the room, who was now shaking.

She formed a warm smile with her lips.

“Hello there!” she exclaimed happily.

“Um... Hey.. S-sorry for getting in I-I was lost,  I think.” he muttered nervously.

“Don’t fret around such meaningless issues. You are here that’s all that matters.” she told him grinning.

The man was still scared despite her jubilant demeanor.

“Come on, you don’t have to be so shy.” she giggled, “Walk with me, let us leave this dreadful room. It makes me a bit depressed.” she exclaimed as she she stretched out her hand.
The man stood still for a few seconds before realizing that the woman wouldn’t hurt him and concluded that this was all just a dream.

He took hold of her outstretched hand. She smiled satisfied and lead him to a dark brown door in the corner of room. The man found it a bit strange that the door wasn’t there before, but he shunned the thought reminding himself that he was in a dream, thus the laws of the human world ceased to exist.

I smiled bitterly as the duo exited the door. Knowing that she wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours, I searched with my eyes the pile of books lying on the floor. I found the book that I was looking for and I picked it up. It was strange, it was the only book I’ve been reading everyday for the past days yet it somehow managed to remain dusty, the next day after I would wipe it. I blew out the dust and cleared the remains with my left hand.

The book was ordinary looking and quite old. The engraving on the burgundy cover had faded long ago. I opened the book at a random page. It was blank. As I concentrated words begun to appear on the yellow pages in an old-fashion,  handwritten font.  I let my eyes wander on the words, savouring their meaning and eventually getting lost in the story.

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